Event Display for the DUNE 35t prototype

This event display will update automatically when the DAQ is running.

Run 19365, Subrun 1

Last updated Monday July 25 2016, 13:38 (CDT) for event 30

What am I looking at?

This is an event display which is made online by a process in the DAQ. There is thus no reconstruction or selection possible! It's the only way of looking at tracks moving through the detector.

You are looking down from the top of the detector. The blue line represents the APA boundary, with the short drift region below it and the long above. The red dotted lines represent the gaps between the APA frames.

The horizontal axis is a made-up concept to represent the z-direction; it is a kind of global collection wire showing the distance across the APA faces in units of collection wire. The vertical axis is the time, so roughly shows the x-direction.

The event display is made when a trigger occurs in a particular microslice and so is a crude way of 'slicing'.

The colour scale represents charge, with tracks/showers visible through their deposits. The middle two APAs are shown together so anything in the middle of the detector should still be seen.

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